uhm my cinderella story

skyping my boyfriend at the moment kinda funny. im also eating chicken nuggets haha hes singing and its really cute cause he cant sing ❤ todays a good day i love him with every thing i have i think he could be the one ❤


well hello there. im ________ and welcome to my blog ting that im not sure what to call it.i have recently been a tumblr addict so thats always fun!,so you noticed i dont give my real name? yeah, precautionary measures. just in case some one i know accidentally scadaddles (yes, i just said that) along my page they won’t know who i am. it kind of makes me feel like an evil genius. im talking to my ex which is rather awkward because my boyfriends asleep right next to me but still its fine we are like besties! i might make a few mistakes in this thing dang mac laptops and their auto correct. well hes awake and looking at me as i type this. hes wondering why im still typing. still typing and still wondering. haha well i guess this is goodnight everyone. ❤ hug ❤ hugs
love and cupcakes, _________


Why am i never good enough…..

My family treats everyone better than me. I am the youngest and im always crying. Today my mom asked if there was something going on in my life, if i told her what wwas wrong she would have yelled at me. So as usual i said nothing was wrong and she yelled at me anyways. Ive gotten to the point where if she tells me she hates me i dont get upset i just sit there. I hate my life so much. Sometimes i wish i was adopted so i can at least think that someone out there cares about me…..

trying to stay calm

has a girl ever tried to steal your boyfriend? what if i told you my bestfriend iis? are you shocked? i am not very shocked. shes not the best person and i loved her to death but never trusted her and now you know why. im trying to tell myself its no biggie because its not hes still with me and probably loves me. but the thought doesnt leave my mind that its not a biggie……….its a hugie! i really like this guy and he cant be another one like the last bf who dumped me for clarissa………….

The girl, the boy, and the slut.

. Good day today i guess. If you are questioning about the title, “the girl, the boy, and the slut.” its about this girl. Lets call her clarissa. Well, she likes my boyfriend. I asked him if he likes her back and he said no that they were just friends. But the SLUT on the other hand fucking likes my fucking boyfriend. So she tried to steal my boyfriend. Sooooo. SLUT hahahaha fuck you slut!

was it something i said?

well today i tried my hardest to get my boyfriend to text me first, btu sadly around 5 pm, i cracked. i missed him. he has seemed very distant lately which is kinda worrying me…..  he could just be busy but we have been fighting lately. my best friend died yesterday and he didnt say “sorry for your loss” not shit! but my friend tells him and he tells her “oh im so sorry. it will heal.” since we met i have been helping himt hrough rought imes when his friends die when he says his mom hates him i just dont understand it! i dont even talk about my problems to him so im just kind of like, oh. my. god!   well for a first blog, this was kinda angry haha maybe tomorrows will happier! 😀